Supply Chain Management Control Tower

Provides end-to-end supply chain visibility and early anomaly detection by giving alarms so that the organization can react on time.

This tool is key to the continuity and performance of logistics sensitive organization, it saves the organization the hurdles in solving logistics issues after it happened.


Provides trends on people performance and career projection and training development/curriculum.

This tool gives valuable information to both HR team and the employees, that eventually boost organization’s performance.


People Analytics


Hospital Operation Center

World-class healthcare capacity optimization and operations center. This tool provides hospital capacity in real time, and able to predict bottlenecks in patient flow and capacity shortage, and suggest the remedies.

This tool optimizes the costs for hospital and increases patients satisfaction.


Smart City

Smart City solutions use data collection and analysis to improve services, make data-driven decisions for smarter outcomes, and build more sustainable futures. As city governments adopt smart city solutions and technologies, they unlock new tools, practices, and insights that can improve responsiveness, services, and quality of life for their citizens.


Smart Pasar

Smart Pasar provides solution for financial management in traditional markets. Our solution is developed to digitalize the payment process between the market tenants and the market management as to ensure an easier and controlled market’s cashflow.


Defence Analytics

Provides insight on the trend and the prediction of the law breach to help law enforcement in preventive measurement and action.


This tool saves time, costs, and the effort of valuable law enforcement resources.