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Budhi Kamico

Co-Founder and President Commissioner

Budhi is the president commissioner of Exylo. He is a seasoned entrepreneur who has been involved in the landscape of technology business in Indonesia since 2014. He has a strong belief that every byte of data in the past, present, and even the future are valuable and need to be secured. This has motivated him to found Rudextech, a cybersecurity company, and later co-found Exylo, a company engaging in big data industry, to actualize his vision in harvesting the timeless values of his clients' data in a secured manner.

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Reybi Waren

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Co-Founder and Commissioner

Reybi serves as a commissioner for Exylo. He is currently pursuing his doctoral degree at the University of Oxford. Reybi has a broad spectrum of professional experiences, both in profit and non-profit organizations. These have proven to nurture his transferable skills, particularly in structuring measurable vision and being adaptable to allow necessary transformation to achieve organizational goals more efficiently.


Herru Perdana

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Co-Founder and CEO

Herru is a leader specialized in data warehousing and visualization, advanced analytics, and business automation. He is experienced in transforming and digitalizing business within different industries especially at high-tech multinational environments. With the right balance of in-depth IT knowledge and business acumen, he sets his vision to uncover and unleash the power of data as the ultimate business enabler. Herru also co-founded, a platform dedicated to promote Indonesia's marine tourism.


Roki Fernando

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Roki is a strategic leader who is immensely experienced and has international certifications in project management area, as well as more than 10 years of experience in the telecommunications industry. Currently, he is completing his master's degree at University of Indonesia. As a CFO, he will navigate the growth and profitability of the company through strategic planning, technology transformation, business management transparency, with the aim for the stabilization of the company's financial condition in the future.



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