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DCVI TechMasters Web Application

Exylotech developed a web application for Daimler Commercial Vehicles Indonesia (DCVI) to support their after-sales event.

Exylotech won a contract from Daimler Commercial Vehicles Indonesia (DCVI) to develop a web application for their after-sales event. DCVI, established in 2018, is a subsidiary of the Daimler Truck AG and a part of the global cross-divisional sales company of the Mercedes-Benz group in Indonesia. Its position has been strengthened with a customer dedication approach which is represented by DCVI as a distribution company for Mercedes-Benz Commercial Vehicles.

The product line of PT Daimler Commercial Vehicle Indonesia

Although presented with challenging schedule and deadline, Exylotech succeeded in developing the web application to be used by the after-sales team of DCVI’s dealers across Indonesia. This application was designed following the brand identity of DCVI and Daimler Truck in general, as well as intuitive and user friendly.

The first User Acceptance Test (UAT) for the application was carried out successfully on November 18th, 2022 then continued with the second UAT and handover on November 25th, 2022.

The landing page of DCVI TechMasters Web Application

Exylotech is committed to build long lasting partnership with DCVI and hope that this was the first of many collaborations and opportunities together in the future.

The handover meeting was led directly by our CEO, Herru Perdana, who is acting as Project Manager/Delivery Manager, and from DCVI by the Project Lead, Mutiara Rendy Rahmawan, and the Product Owner, Stevyn Markus Patty.


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