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Senior UI/UX Designer: News


26 October 2022

Business activity: ALL

Location: South Jakarta

Are you a student who wants to get industry experience? Do you want to start growing your professional network? Are you excited to learn from different perspectives? We are always open for internship opportunities!

About the role

There is always something exciting going on in our company. Not only technical related such as investigating the optimization of NLP, understanding the use of Reinforcement Learning, studying the feasibility of Process Mining, or taking the OCR to the next level. But also at other division such as improving digital intellectual property in an agreement, optimizing HR documents, investigating the new business opportunity, and improving the company brand. We need help to get going and we believe the ever energetic students are most suitable to drive these initiatives.

We need fresh minds who look things differently, bring us new perspectives, challenge us with intriguing ideas, excite us with opportunities!

Your tasks and activities

  • Learn, network, and experience as much as you can

  • Bring us added value

  • Write your report or thesis under our supervision

  • Be awesome!


If you are at the stage of your study that is supporting you to have an internship, then you're it!

Send us your CV with motivation letter to

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