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Senior UI/UX Designer: News


26 October 2022

Business activity: Product

Location: South Jakarta

Do you have the right skills and experience to be referred to as a Full Stack Developer? Are you challenged and enthusiastic to build your amazing program from scratch? Look no further, this is the best place for you!

About the role

As the Full Stack Developer in our Product division, you are responsible to plan and execute our end-to-end products development. You are going to be active and responsible from the requirements gathering phase, all the way to the deployment phase. This role requires a person who is technically strong, able to communicate and work together in a team. If you are resilient and always find a way to improve with a can do mentality, then you will find a match with our values.

Your tasks and activities

  • Be the partner of our Product Manager, Business Analyst, and UI/UX Designer

  • Together with the Product Team, define and execute the software engineering roadmap

  • Develop awesome products!

  • And document your work, of course


We don't care! As long as you have the necessities to perform fantastically.


Any kind of experience is appreciated! As long as you have the right attitude to go the extra miles in achieving your goals.

Skills requirement

  • Master in at least one of the following languages; PHP, Javascript, Flutter, Python, Go, SQL, or NoSQL

  • Hands-on experience in at least one of the following; Laravel, ReactJs, or NodeJs

  • Hands-on experience in PostgreSQL, MariaDB, or MongoDB
  • Knowledge in Kafka, Pentaho, Kubernetes, or Git is an advantage
  • Knowledge in ETL or LSA++ is an advantage
  • Critical thinking, and fact-based argumentation

  • Independent and persistent in achieving goals

  • Structured way of working

  • Perform exceptionally even under pressure

Send us your CV with motivation letter to

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